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Open for reconstruction

Exhibition text

In this open studio, two artists reflect on patrimoine and architectural memory of Paris. For one it serves as a lesson in monumentality and integrity lost forever, the other plays with surviving fragments to give them a new vibe. Anna Dvor and Olga Pomosova met while studying sculpture at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, Russia. Since then they share a sculpture studio in Moscow.

Anna Dvor explores the visual patterns we meet in everyday life to combine and transform them into sculptures. In her recent projects she looked for the odd shapes on Google maps and created 3-dimensional abstract objects on the basis of it.

Olga Pomosova in her work tends to use the traditional technique of casting. She makes reliefs of acrylic and bronze depicting the images of the sky and massive clouds. During the residency she went on an experiment to introduce papier-mâché technique in her practice.

Anna Dvor and Olga Pomosova (Russia) are in residence at the Cité internationale des arts through the programme of the Union of Artists of Russia.

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