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Fake rug, 2022

Expired radiographic film

A rug hanging on a wall became a tradition for home decoration in soviet-era Russia. This was tradition that lived through perestroika, and, to some degree, still exists today. Originally, the rugs were meant to add to the warmth of the apartment and bring some colour into the otherwise rather humdrum furnishing. But, with time, they had become more of an outdated, yet widespread decoration that hinted at of the poor financial shape of the flat’s owners.


The fake rug presents an imitation of a historical rug from the soviet times-  hand-built from expired radiographic film. Intentionally crude, it tags an era of deficiencies and tinsel that doesn’t really want to let go. The work-title also references the so called «Law on fakes». It became effective in March 2022 and stipulates liability for using the word «war» to refer to the 2022 conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The rug-object is hanging ready for use to cover the flaws in the political system  and brighten up reality.






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