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Awaiting, 2022

Single channel video (34 min), old wooden chairs

The artwork was created for a site-specific project that drew 15 artists together to look into the acute issues within the district of Bogorodskoje in Moscow. This particular project was inspired by the artist’s witnessing of an abandoned residential building. This lead to the artist's researching a state housing renewal program falling behind. Resonating with the artist’s personal experience, it became a ground for a statement about insecurity and disappointment.


The installation incorporates a video and a specially arranged row of seats for viewers. The shabby chairs are borrowed from real people-  the former inhabitants of house #7 on Kuznetsovskaya street. As of June 2020 the house is the only one of the 143 houses in the district that had been successfully vacated and its inhabitants accommodated into a newly built facility. A 34-minute video is a compilation of an 8-hour surveillance tape of the very same house. With the lack of action on screen, the artist captures the feeling of suspense and uncertainty caused by tiresome waiting. The work also acts as a metaphor of the stagnation in  society as experienced by the younger generation.


The state program for housing facilities renewal began in the city of Moscow in 2020 and is to be completed by 2032  according to the official documentation. In the district of Bogorodskoje, 143 residential building fall under the demolishing protocol. The rough estimates suggest that over 30.000  residents of the Bogorodskoje district will be affected.






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